Requirements for sand treatment during sand casting

  • In the sand casting process, there are some important requirements for the handling of sand to ensure that high-quality sand and castings are obtained. Here are some common requirements:
    1. Dry sand: The sand should be dry and should not contain moisture. Wet sand will cause defects on the surface of the casting, and may also cause problems such as porosity and warping.

    2. Clean sand: sand should be cleaned to remove impurities and organic matter. Impurities and organic matter will have an adverse effect on the quality of the casting and may cause defects on the surface of the sand mold.

    3. Appropriate sand granularity: the granularity of the sand should meet specific requirements to ensure the surface quality of the sand and the strength of the mold. Sand particles that are too coarse or too fine can have a negative effect on molding and pouring.

    4. Good sand viscosity and plasticity: the viscosity and plasticity of the sand are crucial to the formation of a firm sand shape. The sand material should have appropriate bonding and plasticity so as to maintain the shape and stability of the sand mold.

    5. Appropriate amount of sand additives: According to the specific casting needs, it may be necessary to add some auxiliary agents in the sand, such as binders, plasticizers, pigments, etc. The types and amounts of these additives need to be adjusted to meet specific casting requirements.

    6. Sand quality control: In the process of purchasing and using sand, quality control and inspection are required. Ensure that the quality of sand is up to standard and that defective or contaminated sand is not used.

    7. Sand recycling: Where feasible, sand recycling and reuse should be carried out. Through proper treatment and screening, waste sand is recycled, reducing costs and resource waste.

    It should be noted that the specific sand handling requirements may vary depending on the type and material of the casting, the preparation method and process flow of the sand mold. Therefore, in the casting process, should be based on the specific situation to ensure that the treatment of sand meets the requirements.

Post time: Jan-11-2024